From Bulls to Jewels: St. Augustine's Art Offers it All

  • The draw of the nation's oldest city pulls in about 1.5 million visitors a year. They come to see the Castillo de San Marcos, tan on the beaches, tour the cobblestone streets and dine at the local restaurants. Now these visitors have something new to view during their travels here -the Pablo Picasso exhibit at the Visitors Information Center.

    The Picasso exhibit consists of 39 high-energy and some 3-D art pieces of bullfighting, in all its glory. This exhibit showcases the devotion Pablo Picasso had to interpreting the emotion of the bullfighter as well as the bull. This world-renowned exhibit offers each of those 1.5 million visitors the chance to experience the formal and higher-end art scene on a local, informal level. picasso and dog35

    The city commissioners worked to get the Picasso exhibit into the Visitors Center to display the dashing collection, but also to draw attention to the flourishing local art scene. The landscape of art in St. Augustine is vibrant and diverse, drawing on its large, local culture of artists of all types.

    Wandering the brick laden streets of historic downtown you can see many of these art galleries' signs proudly swaying in the wind. These galleries possess the local heart of the art scene, and many nationally and internationally acclaimed artists as well. Taking a step inside you may find something you wouldn't have expected.

    Among our thirty-one art galleries listed a small snapshot of these galleries include greats like the Galeria del Mar, Amiro Art and Found and the Starving Artist Consignment Gallery.

    galeriadelmar inside 5x3


    Galeria del Mar

    Art galleries like Cutter and Cutter's Galeria del Mar, located off King Street, display a variety of exhibits and has a continuous influx of new artists and their works. Galeria Del Mar attracts national artists, bringing them and their renowned artwork to St. Augustine.




    Amiro Art and Found GalleryAmiro 1

    The Amiro Art and Found Gallery, located off the oldest street, Aviles Street, offers visitors a different take on art. Along with beautiful works of art this gallery also displays vintage finds, collages and clay works, musical instruments, jewelry and adornments for the home. This gallery blends the artful of all varieties in one and brings to you the beautiful culmination of these things.



    starving artist artwork 5x3 The Starving Artist Consignment Gallery

    The Starving Artist Consignment Gallery, located off Cuna Street, also works to bring the different to the forefront - the eclectic to the mainstream - by focusing solely on local artists. An admitted experimental business, the owners have brought together a space for the literal starving artist to display their works at an affordable price. As well as to bring a more artistic vision to the mainstream, and make it accessible to all the visitors who traverse these tiny, old streets in St. Augustine.

    From Picasso to local artists, St. Augustine offers a vivid, striking and electric art landscape. Pablo Picasso came from Malaga, Spain to the first coast and now so can you.

    Check out our site for more information on the Pablo Picasso exhibit and local art galleries in St. Augustine.

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Updated: Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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