Natural Art in the Nation's Oldest City

  • Among the historic streets and hidden past of St. Augustine there lies art that is fresh, bold and timeless. There is art of every type, every style and every mode. The streets come alive through local artists' work, as do the natural surroundings, estuaries and beautiful bays. The nature of this place evokes a dedication from certain artists.

    These natural canvases decorated with scenes from North Florida can be found in many St. Augustine galleries, including Tripp Harrison Gallery, located on Cathedral Place; Galeria del Mar, located on King Street; and the Sydney McKenna Studio, located on Anastasia Island. The artists in each gallery are inspired by the natural landscape of St. Augustine and depict its beauty so clearly and truthfully in their works. Visitors to the Nation's Oldest City have come to enjoy and purchase this artwork for over a century, and the tradition lives on.

    trip harrson st augustine painting

    The Tripp Harrison Galley displays the works of Tripp Harrison, who portrays the environment around him. In his gallery you can spot numerous paintings of vacation destinations that may look familiar. Tripp paints tropical landscapes so well that the sights and sounds of the painting seem fluid and real; the tide actually swishing along as you gaze at the canvas, the warmth of the Florida sun shining. His paintings remind locals and tourists alike of the tropical beautify of St. Augustine, the Florida Keys, and other Florida locations.

    trip harrson beach lighthouse paintings

    Landscape works line the walls of the Galeria del Mar as well. Their artists hail from all over and paint beautiful pieces of all these places. Because of its inspirational scenery, recreations of St. Augustine and other Florida landscapes are commonplace.

    Sydney McKenna Studio on Anastasia Island portrays the natural beauty of the world. Sydney's oil, watercolor and print works convey the serene reality of St. Augustine and nature itself. She offers you her perspective on local scenes such as Florida highways and nature areas, and also occassionally recreates the scenes around town.

    sydney mckenna paintings

    These artists' views of St. Augustine convey the beauty of the area and capture the essence of what makes St. Augustine and Florida as a whole such a wonderful place to visit and live. New pieces can be seen in these galleries, and there are many other galleries in St. Augustine that also show this type of work. For a complete listing of all St. Augustine Galleries, visit the Art Gallery listings.

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Updated: Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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