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Reverend Halyard's House

Reverend Halyard's House

570 Christopher Street

Reverend Halyard traveled to Tallahassee, Washington, and Orlando to find powerful help for the racial situation in St. Augustine. He drove to Jacksonville to retrieve Dr. King from the airport. He and his wife also provided lodging for General Patton's cousin, Sarah Patton Boyle, who helped with the civil rights movement.

Rena Ayers' House

Rena Ayers' House

120 DeHaven Street

Jutson Ayers worked as an alligator wrestler for a quarter of a century at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. After his death, his wife Rena used their home to host out-of-towners who came to support the civil rights movement.

Reverend Wright's House

Reverend Wright's House

111 Lincoln Street

This house was the parsonage to St. Mary's Baptist Church, where Reverend Thomas Wright was pastor. As president of the St. Augustine NAACP, Reverend Wright worked hard to end segregation in St. Augustine. Threats against his family led him to move them to Gainesville, where his daughter became the first black graduate of Gainesville High School.

Bell Family's House

Bell Family's House

112 Dr. Martin Luther King Avenue

The Bell family was active in the civil rights movement, and their daughter, Veronica, was one of the first brave students to attend an all-white school. Among the visiting activists who were hosted in the Bells' home was Dr. King's aide, J.T. Johnson, who took part in the famous swim-in at the Monson Motor Lodge when the manager poured acid into the pool.

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