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Plaza de la Constitution
Promulgada en esta Ciudad
de San Augustin de la
Florida Orientas en 17 de
Octubre de 1812 siendo
Goberna dor el Brigadier
Don Sebastian Kindalen,
Caballerro del Orden de
Santiago Para eterna
memoria El Ayuntamiento
Constituconal Erigio este
Obilisco derigido por Don
Fernando de la Maza
Arredondo el joven Regidor
Decano y Don Francisco
Robira Procurador Sindico
Ano de 1813
Square of the Constitution
Proclaimed in this city of
St. Augustine of East Florida
on the 17th of October in
1812 given under the
Government of the Brigidier
Don Sebastian Kindalen,
Knight of the Order of
Santiago for an eternal
monumental record the city
Council decreed the erection
of this obelisk directed by
Don Fernando de la Maza
Arredondo, junior, Senior
Magistrate and Don Fran-
cisco Robira attorney of the
Syndio year of 1813.

After Spain was free from the rule of Napoleon the Cortes gave a Constitution to the people and monuments were erected to commemorate this event, at the time this was erected Don Geronimo Alvarez was Alcalde of St. Augustine.


Many of the present residents of St. Augustine are descended from the oldest families of Asturias and Castille in Spain that founded the city. The account book of Jesse Fish gives the names of the Spaniards who transferred lots and houses to him in confidence and among the most noted in the annals of the city on his list are found the names Alvarez - Acosta - Sanchez - Lopez - Solana - Ximinez - Roderiguez - Marin - Ponce - Miranda - Espinosa Ortega - Hernandez - Reyes - Fernandez - Gonzales - Gomez - Monzon - Martinez. In the old deeds and books of the second Spanish occupation are found the names of Alba - Benet - Canova - Bravo - Pellicer - Pomar - Olivaros from the north of Spain and De Maestre (now Masters) surgeon from Cuba and Segui of an old Spanish family noted physicians of Minorca. The illustrated Spanish En- cyclopaedia in the Historical Society Library gives cuts of many famous members of these families in Spain and the Spanish Genealogy the history of their descent and records.

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