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In this work we have attempted a brief summary of the important events connected with the history of St. Augustine and in so doing we must necessarily present the more important facts connected with the history of Fort Marion.

The facts and dates contained herein are in accordance with the best authority obtainable.

The Historical Society has a large collection of rare maps and books in its Library, one of the best in the State; the Public Library has also many books on the history of Florida. The City and County records (in English) dating from 1821 contain valuable items of history, as at this date St. Johns County comprised the whole state of Florida east of the Suwannee River and south of Cow's Ford, now the City of Jacksonville.

The Spanish records, with a few exceptions, are now in the city of Tallahassee, Department of Agriculture; the Manuscript Department, Library of Congress, Washington D. C. and among the "Papeles de Cuba" Seville, Spain. Copies of some very old letters of the Spanish Governors with English translations, have been obtained by the Historical Society.

The Cathedral Archives date from 1594 to the present day.

To the late Dr. DeWitt Webb, founder, and until his death, President of the St. Augustine Institute of Science and Historical Society, is due credit for the large number of maps and rare books collected for the Society; the marking and preservation of many historical places; and for data used in this book.

This work also contains much valuable historical data never before published, for which we are indebted to the untiring research work of Miss Emily L. Wilson, present Librarian of the Historical Society.

Many valuable records were also obtained by Miss Brooks who visited Spain in the interests of the Society.

To our present President, The Honorable Chauncey M. Depew we owe many of the fine collections and exhibitionsin the Fort and Oldest House.

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