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St. Augustine Florida is known for more than beautiful beaches, great shopping and fine dining. The Nation's Oldest City is rich in over 400 years of history and culture. Our fascinating history spans from the founding of St. Augustine by Pedro Menendez in 1565, to the reign of railroad entrepreneur Henry Flagler in the late 1800s, to the celebration of St. Augustine's 400th birthday in 1965. Browse a timeline, written history and enjoy a virtual tour of many of St. Augustine's historical sites and landmarks. Browse's private virtual book collection and interactive maps.
Castillo de San Marcos built in 1965

Written History

Read about St. Augustine's history as the oldest city in the USA, starting with Ponce de Leon's discovery of Florida in 1513. Read through the full text or jump to important events and eras in Florida history.

View of the Interactive Timeline.

Interactive Timeline

Browse important historical events in St. Augustine Florida history through the centuries with an interactive timeline. Learn more about each event of Florida history by clicking on it in the timeline.

Snapshot of the Virtual Walking Tour.

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of historical sites and landmarks along St. George Street, around the Plaza de la Constitución, Henry Flagler's buildings, the Oldest House, and an interactive 3d virtual tour of the Castillo de San Marcos.

Snapshot of a pile of books.

Historical Books

Want more information about St. Augustine Florida history? Browse through historical books, articles and other literature to learn more about the oldest city in the United States.

View of the ordered timeline.

Ordered Timeline

Browse through a textual representation of our Virtual Timeline and learn something new about the exciting and dramatic history of Florida and St. Augustine as the oldest city in the U.S.

View of the ordered timeline.

Historical Maps

Enjoy the historical map collection where you can view each map in great detail. The maps are from the 1500's to the 1900's and most include historical sites in Saint Augustine Florida .

View of the ordered timeline.

Black History

Explore the roots of black history in St. Augustine Florida with these fascinating books, timelines, facts, Civil Rights activists and inventions by black history figures.


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