Enjoy as taste of old St. Augustine at one of these restaurants offering authentic tapas, paella, gazpacho soup, and much more.


St. Augustine's Spanish influence is everywhere, in the history, in the architecture, as well as in the culinary scene. The nation’s oldest city boasts award-winning Spanish restaurants that serve traditional Spanish food as well as fusion and new-age cuisine. Visitors can literally get a taste of old St. Augustine at the Spanish eateries featuring authentic tapas, paella, gazpacho, and more.

(904) 823-0787

22 Hypolita Street

Casa Maya offers Latin American cuisine in a charming setting in St. Augustine's historic district.

(904) 810-2400

25 Cuna St.

Aesthetically pleasing establishment serving steak and seafood cuisine.

(904) 827-1947

35 Hypolita Street

St. George Street tapas bar featuring outdoor porch for people-watching and live music.

(904) 342-7859

42 ½ Saint George Street

This restaurant offers delicious, homemade Spanish cuisine including empanadas, sausage rolls and more. Fresh bread baked on site.