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St Augustine Florida - Castillo Cannon FiringDiscover more about the nation's oldest city!

Its unique scenery and history set this city apart from any other in the country. St. Augustine has a quaint feel but boasts a big appeal. Visitors can see why when they stroll along the brick-lined streets and delight in the city's European flavor, with centuries-old buildings, horse-drawn carriages, hidden courtyards, and so much more. St. Augustine has plenty of history to explore -- more than 450 years of it!

In addition to its impressive roster of top-rated hotels, resorts and bed and breakfasts, St. Augustine is known for its excellent restaurants serving a variety of dishes reflecting the town's multicultural heritage. Add to that the city's world-class art galleries, boutiques and outlet shopping, theater and live music, and 42 miles of gorgeous beaches, and it's easy to see why more than 6 million visitors come here each year.

We have put together a comprehensive guide to everything St. Augustine has to offer -- from fun and free local events to tour services, parks and attractions. Our information is current and accurate, providing a clear description and address for every hotel, attraction, shop, restaurant and more.

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