Musician $5 JAck onstage with his guitar, singing into a microphone

$5 Jack and the Dry Tortugas

Jumping up the coast from Key West, $5 Jack and the Dry Tortugas has stormed into town.

Coastal man that he is, (born in Pensacola, Florida) $5 Jack began his musical journey with a banjo, and at age 15, took his leap to guitar. Based on his early influences, the sounds of John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, and James Taylor, $5 Jack brings nostalgic vibrations to his stage shows. 

$5 Jack and the Dry Tortugas might be considered the perfect band lineup - never a clash of wills or egos; $5 Jack fronts a band of himself, a drum machine, and a looper. Mixing his own compositions with ever-popular covers, and a little comedy thrown in, he takes his listeners down memory lane to the land of forgotten tunes.

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