AC Deathstrike

AC Deathstrike is a local rock band made up of three talented musicians.

Fight The Boredom

    Alex Dougherty first made up the name AC Deathstrike in 2003 when he was 17 and used it as a pseudonym for a couple of years until he wanted a more serious title. In 2009 he started a new band where the members were enthusiastic about using AC Deathstrike as their band name. Since then, they have released about a dozen LPs and EPs under that name. Alex has been making movies from a young age and went to film school for some time. Because of his background with film, AC Deathstrike has produced many music videos. The band has had different lineups as it has evolved. They have been playing with their current lineup since February 2018. Including a three-week tour later in the year. The current members of the band are Alex Dougherty, Dawson Bass, and Teresa Rose.

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