Ancient Deep

Ancient Deep is a DJ and percussion duo that specializes in dance music of all decades.


    This DJ and percussion duo consists of two members, Little Bill and Dorian the Percussionist. The pair’s journey all started at a local record shop where they were shuffling through albums and quickly noticed they had similar taste for soul music. Little Bill had a warehouse down the street and invited Dorian over to bring some jams over. They had a great night of musical expression and decided to have a monthly jam, which eventually turned Little Bill’s warehouse into one of North Florida’s premier spots for quality dance music. And just like that The Garage was born. The Garage has hosted talented musicians such as Roy Davis Jr., KCIV, Quest-One, Master Kev, Leonard Remid Rroy, DJ Kemit, and more. After promoting bands and disk-jockeying  for three years, the pair decided to start performing on their own as Ancient Deep.  They produce their own remixes, originals, and edits, and by adding the element of live percussion they are able to give their group a sound and style that make them stand out from any typical DJ set.

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