Aslyn Barringer and Jim Johnston playing guitars

Aslyn & the Naysayers

Aslyn & the Naysayer has been performing together since attending Flagler College in 2006.

The members of Aslyn & the Naysayers first met at a Flagler College Battle of the Bands competition, and they have been performing together since 2006. Each member has their own influences and sound, which explains the wide range of music they like to play. As of 2023, the band performs as Aslyn and the Naysayers, with Aslyn Barringer and Jim Johnston.

Aslyn & the Naysayers have performed at festivals and private events such as the Florida Folk Festival, Gamble Rogers Folk Festival, Creekside Festival, and various gatherings, weddings, and more. Some of their favorite artists to cover are Gillian Welch, Randy Newman, and Crooked. Band members enjoy the old traditional bluegrass tunes they try to integrate into their music. Aslyn & the Naysayers also produce their own original tracks, which can be heard on their Soundcloud profile. The band has great chemistry both on stage and off.

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