Ben McLeod

When Ben Mc Leod picks up a guitar, you can’t not stop and listen.

Ben McLeod playing Duane Allman's 1961 Gibson Les Paul SG
Ben Mc Leod instrumental acoustic guitar.

    Ben Mc Leod’s bio states that he is a session guitarist but that description so much understates his skills and effusive sound, that it should be banned.  Give a listen to Ben Mc Leod’s razzling guitar licks and you’ll feel what it was like to hear Duane Allman on his slide guitar.

    Ben also fronts the band All Them Witches which is an outrageous melding of players who love to take their rock music to the edge and back every time.  This approach generates a unique mingling of riffs and ever-changing combinations that is reminiscent of the jazz-inspired sounds of true improvisation.

    From Nashville to world-wide tours, Ben now calls St. Augustine home.

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