Buffalo Rose

St. Augustine’s Buffalo Rose is a dynamic and delightful duo, featuring Pam Fausett and Tony Scozarro.

Guitarist and vocalist

    Dubbed “The Red Wine Duet” due to both the boldness and smoothness of its jazz, soul, blues, ragtime, and swing sound, St. Augustine’s Buffalo Rose carries with it the sense of an old-time movie scene. Their sound is rich with vocal harmony that meets the horizon of the duo’s intoxicating instrumentation. Buffalo Rose transports audiences to the feeling of being fireside during winter. On guitar is the impeccable Tony Scozarro, a top-tier studio musician with an ear for versatility. Tony’s musical compositions are consistently masterful and his technique flawless. The incomparable Pam Fausett provides the vocals and occasionally accompanies on ukulele, guitar, and percussion. Pam’s intellectual songwriting style fused with her “angelic with an attitude” vocal performance creates an energy unlike any other. Her presence is enchanting.

    Combining the genres of jazz, swing jazz, soul, blues, ragtime, swing, rhythm and blues, and Americana, this multi-talented duo is a delectable experience for any occasion. Tony is not only a live performer and studio musician, but also a producer and teacher of music. Pam has an eye for apparel, both as fashion designer and seamstress. It’s clear to see that, after five years of playing together, they are comfortable on stage and with each other creatively, intuitively, and musically. The experience of catching a live performance is sure to transport one to a time when swing was king and jazz the queen. 

    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    Cellar Upstairs Reef Restaurant