Carroll Brown

South Carolina native Carroll Brown chased his dreams of being a musician all the way to New York, Nashville, and back to South Carolina, where he opened his own recording studio.

Roots and Wings
"Galway Girl" Cover

    Born and raised in rural South Carolina, Carroll Brown’s first introduction to music was through his family’s church and whatever he could listen to on the radio. His mother was the church’s pianist and taught him his first chords on the guitar, and throughout his pre-teenage years he played music at his home church. In college, Brown studied broadcasting, looking to become a recording engineer and thereby get his ticket into the music business.

    Brown continued performing throughout his student days. He tried his luck in New York and later in Nashville, Tennessee, but when family and money matters brought him back to South Carolina in 1981, he settled there and started his own recording studio, Charleston Recording, which became the largest recording studio in lower South Carolina. In that time, Brown released a live cassette tape and produced over 60 albums on regional and national acts, building an impressive resume. The last album he produced before selling his business was his own, entitled Roots and Wings, the story of a farm boy who in pursuit of his dreams returns home to his roots. For the next years he continued to play, join bands, and release music.

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