Christian Lopez holding a guitar and wearing a white hat on stage

Christian Lopez

Christian Lopez, instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, recently released his third studio album, "The Other Side,"

Christian Lopez's third studio album, The Other Side, which is a bit less Americana and a bit more rock and country, and has caused some to call "his" genre Alternative Folk-Country-Rock. His debut EP, released when he was 18, was largely Americana songs and brought his songwriting and instrumental skills to the attention of the music industry and music lovers.

From West Virginia, Lopez's songs exude energy, emotion, and passion while not straying far from his roots. In his 2022 album, The Other Side, Lopez plays every instrument (with some help from drummer Carl Thompson) and the music is more electric, edgier, and dynamic than his first EP. Additionally, reviewers and fans have been equally as impressed with his songwriting skills and vocal abilities.

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