Conch Fritters

This fun and exciting band loves to play tropical rock music around Florida.

"Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer" Cover
"Brown Eyed Girl" Cover

    The Conch Fritters is a tropical ensemble featuring Dusty Barber as their guitarist and vocalist, Barry Olsavsky as steel drummer and vocalist, and Matt Olsavsky as percussionist and vocalist. The Conch Fritters like to blend island sounds with favorite tropical rock arrangements such as calypso, reggae, island tunes, and originals from Jimmy Buffett to Kenny Chesney. The band especially enjoys  the soothing sounds of the ukulele, the rhythms of the steel pans blended with the imagery of Caribbean beaches, and the sounds of Bob Marley, Bourbon Street, smooth jazz, and the Florida Keys. The Conch Fritters perform with the true essence of a “Floribbean” lifestyle.

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