David Strom

Musical virtuoso David Strom is St. Augustine’s rhythmic prince, combining rock, alternative, pop, blues, jazz, reggae, folk, and Americana into a skillful mastery of vibrant sound.

"Ain't no rest for the wicked"

    St. Augustine, Florida’s David Strom was born into music and couldn’t help but fall in love with the process of learning, performing, and writing. After all, his musical father was performing on stage when he and his mother first met. Influenced by a wide range of artists from Dave Matthews Band and James Taylor to Cake and Rage Against the Machine, David performs “everything but country,” he says. With a heavy-hitting blend of reggae, alternative, jazz, blues, rock, Americana, pop, and rock and roll, David also pulls out some of his original material now and then which is reminiscent of an alternative jam band sound. With a knack for rhythmic stylings, David also easily incorporates a percussive technique to his guitar playing, almost making it sound as if he’s playing both drums and guitar simultaneously. 

    Originally from Portsmouth, Virginia, all of David’s family plays and sings, including his older brother and well-known local performer, Aaron Esposito. Together they formed a familial duo and named it Two-Thirds, because the duo was only two-thirds complete without their eldest brother and musician, who currently performs in music venues around Pennsylvania. David played djembe in the duo, but his love for performing couldn’t be tempered, and he soon took to the spotlight as a solo performer. His setlist includes every genre and artist imaginable, from Amos Lee and Ed Sheeran to Sublime and even Frank Sinatra. His also highly diverse vocally and can manipulate his vocal chords to form to the artist that he is performing, song to song. David says, “I like to form accents to the style of music I’m playing, like reggae, blues, or pop. They each call for something different vocally and I love that challenge.”

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