Denny Blue

A tasteful stew of rock and roll, blues, folk, and Americana, Denny Blue is a masterful performer playing several instruments at once to create an unreal one-man band. Denny plays acoustic guitar, harmonica, floor tambourine, slide guitar, and percussion.

"Please Be With Me"
"My Fedora"

    St. Augustine’s classic one-man band Denny Blue has been amazing audiences since he relocated to the ancient city from North Carolina, bringing with him those Appalachian roots and the divine sound of the mountaintops. While his roots pierce up through the soil, making themselves prominent, Denny is also heavily influenced by the Delta blues style of Ry Cooder and the deep hills country tunes of the late great Doc Watson, making him a profoundly diverse musician to listen to. What makes Denny Blue so easy to watch is his fierce performance style and deep knowledge of every instrument he incorporates.

    Denny plays acoustic guitar, slide guitar, floor tambourine, harmonica, and percussion simultaneously, earning him the honor of being St. Augustine’s truest one-man band and extreme multitasker. His sound can be defined as a rock and roll rambler hitting the road with a devilishly mischievous blues band and getting a flat in the backwoods of Tennessee, forming a band with the local hillbillies. Denny is rock and roll, country, folk, Americana, blues, delta blues, and even jazz at times. His performance is energetic and magnetic, and he is certainly not one to miss in the St. Augustine musical arena.

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