Iconic and original, St. Augustine’s The Dewars fuse experimental indie rock with psychedelic dream pop, birthing a body of work unlike any other.

"Sucker for Your Hometown"
"Not Anymore"

    St. Augustine’s The Dewars inhabit a musical genre completely of their own making. The identical twin brothers Zachary and Anthony Dewar originally hail from Crescent Beach, Florida, where they transformed their extraordinary brotherly bond into a masterpiece of music. The brothers have musical influences that range from Roy Orbison to David Bowie, and they continue to expand their artistic canvas through decades of prominent songwriters. Their unworldly harmonies are akin to The Beach Boys and Simon and Garfunkel and their songwriting style rivals that of the greatest bands in the world, such as The Beatles and Queen. Combining experimental indie rock, dream pop, psychedelic folk, alternative Americana, and vintage doo wop, The Dewars can be described as The Shirelles meets Bob Dylan and The Velvet Undergournd with a hint of Neutral Milk Hotel to round out their ever-evolving sound.

    Their debut album, Songs from the Neverglades (2010), gained mainstream momentum with accolades from Day Trotter Magazine, The Atlanta Film Festival, and The Miami Short Film Festival. The album’s opening track, “The Noise Boys,” settles listeners into a heavily harmonious nostalgia with a modern sound comparable to The Beatles “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” The duo’s sophomore album, It’s All a Part of the Show, was released in 2015 and highlights the skillful dynamic the duo while also bringing to light their hunger for musical growth and flavor of sound. Tasteful, exemplary, and praiseworthy, The Dewars always seems to be batting a thousand — in performance, songwriting, and musical experimentation.


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    Nobby's Bokeh Bar Gallery Marineland

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