Donny Brazile

Donny Brazile is a musician with a message; by combining his poetry with his music he gives a powerful and moving performance.

Live at Café Eleven

    Donny Brazile is a gifted musician who at the age of 16 picked up his guitar and headed to Los Angeles to put the thoughts swirling around his head to music. He met three like-minded guys there and together they formed a band, but unlike your average teenage group they were talented songwriters and soon started to attract name stars and agents. They opened for artists such as the Goo Goo Dolls and Jane’s Addiction, but found it hard to make a breakthrough in the industry. Donny started looking for a new way to express his message of questioning both society’s norms and one’s own values, so he returned to the Midwest, earning his BA and MA and working as a professor for some time. 

    But Donny never let go of his music. His songs became the stories of lessons he learned, the places he lived, and a blend of the rhythms of Los Angeles and Nashville. He finally returned to the Sunshine State where he could focus on his music. Through adding his poetry into the mix, he has written hundreds of songs that he performs, as well as adding his personal touch to songs he covers. Donny is a messenger and an incredible entertainer.

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