Country singer and songwriter Emily Brooke wearing sunglasses with trees behind her

Emily Brooke

Emily Brooke is a Country singer/songwriter with a large following and a promising future.

Her family was not musically inclined but they were supportive of Emily Brooke's singer and songwriting career at a very young age. Traveling to and from Nashville, Tennessee, she performed in contests for young kids and simultaneously met folks in the industry who recognized her talent.

At age 15, Brooke was a contestant on American Idol. She ranked number 48 the first year and 24 the following year and has since utilized social media to attract a million-viewer fan base. As a writer of her own songs, "Hungry" is the one that put Brooke on the map as TikTok fans swarmed. Since then, she continues to create her own music, lyrically and vocally, and will carry onward in her blossoming musical career. 

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Country Acoustic guitar Vocals

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