Emma Moseley

Emma Moseley, rocker, singer, and songwriter has produced a new acoustic solo album.

Emma Moseley performs "Milk Thistle," one of the songs she has written for her new solo album, Victory Garden.
Emma Moseley performs "Victory Garden" from her new album of the same name, in St. Augustine.

    St Augustine native, Emma Moseley, began performing in clubs before she was of legal age to do so, having been invited to play at an open mike at Trade Winds Lounge when she was only 13. A few years later, she co-founded the Emma Moseley Band and was a songwriter and lead vocalist for this highly acclaimed hard-charging rock band. The Emma Moseley Band played original rock and roll at venues, events, and major festivals, and recorded two well-received full-length albums.

    Now, Emma Moseley has returned to Northeast Florida, writing new songs and performing with her acoustic guitar, often solo but also with other local singer/songwriters. Emma’s new album, Victory Garden will be released in December of 2019.

    Listening to Emma sing alone with her guitar, it’s easy to hear the rock and roll singer behind the solo performer. It’s also easy to imagine that her new path as a solo singer/songwriter is the right direction for her, and for those who listen to her. 

    Cover photo by Mark A. Cubbedge.

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