Falling Bones

The brainchild of John Higginbotham and Rick Levy, St. Augustine’s The Falling Bones is an ensemble that combines blues, classic rock and roll, R&B, and reggae, creating an atmosphere of musical mischief and magic.

Live at Panama Hatties

    St. Augustine’s The Falling Bones is an ensemble that takes the stage by storm, performing a plethora of well-known covers that are sure to include crowd participation and get some bones on the dancefloor. The brainchild of “Long John” John Higginbotham and Rick Levy, The Falling Bones has been one of the longest running cover bands in the city with over four decades of live performance together. Their noteworthy ability to cover almost any genre of music and incite audiences to join in on the performance is ultimately unmatched. The band plays everything from blues and classic rock to reggae and rhythm and blues, leaving behind the idea that an ensemble should brand itself and conform to one genre.

    Members include vocalist and harmonica player John Higginbotham, electric guitarist Rick Levy, and Tom Santoni on drums with an array of legendary guest musicians. Lead singer and harmonica player John Higginbotham has played with David Allen Coe, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Waylon Jennings, while electric guitarist Rick Levy is manager and guitarist for legendary ‘60s ensembles The Box Tops and Tommy Roe. Together these titans form such a supergroup that the live energy nearly knocks the roof off. Inspired by everyone from The Rolling Stones and James Brown to Elvis and Johnny Cash, The Falling Bones is a Mecca of movement within music, cutting the anchor of the ship just to see where it may land.

    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    The Tides Oyster Co. & Grill

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