The Florida Troubadours

Four venerable Florida folk musicians team up occasionally to the delight of audiences.

"I'm Florida," by Jim Carrick of the Florida Troubadours.
"Silver Springs" written and sung by Bob Patterson of the Florida Troubadours.
"Evangeline," written and sung by Larry Magnum of the Florida Troubadours.
"Evertt Ruess," by Dave Alvin, Sung by Charley Simmons of the Florida Troubadours.

    Four singer/songwriters, Jim Carrick, Larry Mangum, Bob Patterson, and Charley Simmons, are all well-known solo performers in the Florida folk music circles, and formerly played together as the Four Troubadours.

    Together, they are the Florida Troubadours, four experienced singers, each with a strong following. When they play as a group, we in the audience can believe that we’re the lucky few, sitting down to listen as these four swap songs and stories. They have plenty of both to choose among. All four sing, write songs, and play the guitar. They may be known as the Florida Troubadours, but they are also one of Florida’s treasures.

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