Frankie Jay and the Chicken Parade

Frankie Jay brings musicians together to play his heartfelt and often humorous songs.

"What the heck is Frankie Jay and the Chicken Parade?" one might ask. It's a curious group of like-minded musicians with a particular sense of humor and humanity. Frank Julian, AKA Frankie Jay, leads the parade, followed closely by Curtis Wayne Schaper on bass, Pasco Paul Belmore on dobro, and Ron Townsend on percussion. At any performance, other musicians may march along with the parade, always in time and frequently providing harmony.

Frankie Jay and the Chicken Parade plays music that is a little bit folk, a little bit bluegrass, and a smattering of rock and roll. Frankie is an award-winning songwriter with an excellent voice, who clearly enjoys leading this band of musicians and those that can be persuaded to add to their ranks at various events.

Cover Photo by Gail Carson.

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