George Reeves

Dubbed as St. Augustine’s “guitar extraordinaire,” George Reeves carries with him over six decades of musical history, playing blues, rock and roll, jazz, country, slide guitar, jam band, soul, and funk to forge an original brand without genre.

"Like it or Not!"
"Water to Wine"

    St. Augustine’s singer-songwriter George Reeves has been named a “guitar extraordinaire” and with over sixty years of live performance and musical knowledge under his belt, it’s easy to see how he defies the norm. George has no specific genre he prefers but has always been drawn to every style of playing “…except rap and opera,” says Reeves. With a wide range of options musically, George blends soul, country, blues, slide guitar, and rock and roll, with subtle hints of funk, jam band, jazz, and swing. There is nothing this guitarist can’t pick up easily or learn on the fly. His fingers move over his fretboards as if they are planes through clouds, dancing so effortlessly one has to wonder how many hours total he has put into his craft.

    George honed his skill as a guitarist by listening to and being inspired by The Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, Lowell George, Johnny Winter, and countless more masters of the six-string. Using variations of speed and volume, it’s as if George is in conversation with his instrument. As a teen, George would sneak into music venues around Miami to sit in with mentors and aspiring musicians alike, dipping his toes further in the musical world in Athens, GA in the ‘70s and taking the San Francisco music scene by storm in 1975. Soon after he moved back to the east coast, he had a 17-year run with famed rock and blues band Ansel, Strong, and Reeves in Savannah, GA. It’s highly unlikely that audiences will hear George play the same song the same way twice. Borders of his musicality just don’t seem to exist and as a songwriter George has a knack for both tugging at the heartstrings and conjuring the spirit of rock and roll to bring audiences to tap their toes, swing their hips, and make their way to the dance floor.