Great Dames

Led by fiddler/violinist/vocalist Carole Mayedo, Great Dames performs old favorites and has a great deal of fun.

The Great Dames performing Little White Church," by Little Bg Townn
The Great Dames performing "What's going on," by Marvin Gaye.

    Carole Mayedo studied classical music beginning when very young, and was actually a student of Constance Seeger, mother of Pete Seeger. Carole earned a Master of Music degree and has performed extensively as a classical violinist with both chamber music groups and orchestras. She also perfected her skills on violin and fiddle in other genres and is highly acclaimed for her improvisation techniques on the electric violin. Carole has performed with Jefferson Starship, Papa John Creech, and Linda Ronstadt — among many others.

    While she still travels to  perform with various acts and as part of a string quartet, Carole has created a following in northeast Florida as the founding member and leader of both the duo and the full band known as the Great Dames. Carole plays electric violin and provides back-up vocals, while the other great dame, Deborah Johnston sings lead and plays the guitar.

    The perform frequently as a high-energy duo, and occasionally with their band: Dean Spry on Drums and vocals, Ian Bula on keyboards and vocals, and Rusty Springfield on bass and vocals.


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