Musician Hadley Parrish-Cotton

Hadley Parrish-Cotton

Locally born singer/songwriter specializing in sweet lyrics and compelling harmonies.

Now based in Portland, Oregon, singer, songwriter, and guitarist Hadley Parrish-Cotton grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. Their parents were active in Jacksonville's music industry during Hadley's youth. The JAX community (along with the works of Tom Waits and Bob Schneider) inspired the young musician to find refuge in playing, singing, and writing songs. Indeed, Hadley's original song "Coastal Kid" focuses on the highs and lows of growing up as a Florida local.

As they earned their Bachelor's degree at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, Hadley stayed involved in their community. Throughout 2019, Hadley mentored younger students while also honing their skills as a guitarist and singer. Nowadays, (alongside their budding career as a singer/songwriter), Hadley is also a part-time instructor at School of Rock in Portland, Oregon. There, Hadley teaches their students that anything can inspire music — even (and especially) the silly things in life. One of their main tenets as a singer/ songwriter is self love and acceptance.

Since their 2020 graduation from Reed College, Hadley has released two EPs and a single. Ship in a Bottle was the first EP released by Hadley Parrish-Cotton in 2022 and included original songs as well as covers. A few months later, Hadley released an original single entitled "States Between," which explores humanity's little nuances through gentle guitar and introspective lyrics. In March of 2023, Hadley Parish-Cotton released States Between as a full EP of original songs.

Listening to Hadley Parrish-Cotton's music can be both engaging and comforting. It cannot be defined by a single genre. From original self-love songs to well-worn western classics, Hadley draws inspiration from an array of musicians from different eras.

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