Henry Joe Solo

Dubbed by locals as St. Augustine’s “entertainer of entertainers,” Henry Joe Solo will be greatly missed.

"On and On"
"She and the Sea"

    It is with great sadness that we report that Henry Joe Solo Murphy passed away in December of 2020, at the age of 57. Henry had a great career in music, including years performing with Henry and the Seahawks. Here in St. Augustine, he was billed as "Henry Joe Solo". Henry leaves behind mom, sisters, his beloved daughters, and Banjo, his dog — plus fans from Nashville to Atlanta to St. Augustine and well beyond.

    St. Augustine’s Henry Joe Solo is a positively charged, vivacious, good-natured energy on and off stage, bringing an enthusiastic and cheerful personality to audiences around the nation. Once a national touring artist, Henry Joe has come to call St. Augustine Beach home, incorporating his love for the ocean into his original work. Combining an endless variance of genre, Henry Joe fuses Southern and classic rock, contemporary and classic country, bluegrass, soft rock, 70s singer/songwriters, Americana, folk, Celtic, and even Latin into his jaunty and upbeat performances.

    With four studio recorded albums under his belt and two live recorded albums, it’s undeniable that Henry Joe has a relentless ability to write songs on an unprecedented level. His recorded body of work is so large that fans demanded a “best of” collection of songs, which is Henry Joe’s latest album release. His first studio album, A Taste of Salt, features songs about island living, loss of love, and the endless feeling of gratitude being able to call the beach his home. His first single from the album, “Jacksonville Girls,” is a cheerful tune that captures the feeling of young love as well as nostalgia for the good ol’ days. Henry Joe prides himself on his dynamic setlist, always with the assurance that whatever he chooses to play throughout a performance “there’s something for everyone.”

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