Jamie DeFrates

St. Augustine’s minstrel and balladeer Jamie DeFrates holds keys to musical doors of poetic curiosity, enchanting turns of phrase, and lyrical reverence combining folk, jazz, Americana, new age, and gospel to form a genre of his own – new age folk.

Jamie DeFrates Performing "Winterhawk"
“I Dreamt I Was the Buddha”
"Father Time, Golden Gospel Hour & Cowgirl Quen"

    St. Augustine’s Jamie DeFrates is a conglomeration of both sound and genre formed by his knack for emotional and human connection through music alongside his own life experiences. A veteran of the music scene, Jamie has built his career from the ground up with a foundation of concern for the human condition, pillars of genre experimentation, walls of humility, and a roof of substantial musical knowledge. After all, he did study architecture at the University of Illinois so it’s no surprise that Jamie has also become a profound composer of songs and an incomparable music producer over the years. With an arsenal of jazz, Americana, folk, new age music, bluegrass, and gospel, Jamie has already created a legacy for himself, winning two Emmy Awards — the first, an original score for the documentary “A Light Still Bright” which also won a Crystal Reel Award, and the second, the original score for the documentary “Isakovs, A Legacy.”

    Jamie was born into spiritualism, literally — living in a revival tent as a preacher’s son who played piano and with a mother whose voice seemed to be sent from the heavens. His first experience of live performance was in the rich culture of the city of San Francisco as a young musician. Ever since, Jamie has been a composer, songwriter, producer, engineer, and even owns his own music studio that allows musicians to experiment and create the divine product of their desire. First and foremost, Jamie is a listener, which is key to any musical progression or success. His drive and focus have led him to achieve countless experiences writing for film and television. Ask any musician in St. Augustine about Jamie DeFrates and the answer will always be the same — Jamie is a torch that has burned so bright in the musical realm that it is a wonder he is even human. An enigma and a well of musical knowledge and experience, Jamie remains unafraid to venture into uncharted musical domains, lighting the way for his peers.

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    Colonial Oak Music Park

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