Jerry Mincey and Tony Macalusco

Known for his songs about Florida, Jerry Mincey is a favorite at Florida folk festivals.

"Dirt Road Scholar" by Jerry Mincey accompanied by Tony Macalusco.
"The Boat" by Jerry Mincey accompanied by Tony Macalusco
"Charlie Creek" by Jerry Mincey accompanied by Tony Macalusco
"Narcoossee Lucie" by Jerry Mincey, accompanied by Tony Macalusco.

    Jerry Mincey likes to say he was “raised on Hank Williams,” but by the time he reached his teens in the early 60s he wanted to be Elvis.

    Jerry is one of the outstanding musicians who came out of Winter Haven Florida and grew up with Gram Parsons, Jim Stafford, Carl and Jesse Chambers, and Kent LaVoie and in his first year of college, Jim was the lead guitarist for one of the leading central Florida bands, the Spades. That band toured with the Zombies and the Searchers and they got a record contract with RCA.

    Years later, in the 90s, Jerry returned to school and started writing songs, and has been what he calls a “performing songwriter” ever since. Jerry is a regular at Florida’s top folk festivals, including Will McLean, Gamble Rogers, and the Florida Folk Festival. He also plays at various venues in Florida and beyond.

    Jerry writes songs about this life and family — songs that many of those born and raised in old Florida towns will recognize. He also writes accurate historic songs about ordinary people who lived long ago in Florida, and about some of the people and events of more recent days.

    For over 18 years, Jerry has been playing music with Tony Macalusco, guitarist, bassist, and back-up singer. Many of Florida’s best singer/songwriters seek Tony when they want to perform or record with one of the best.

    A special thank you to Gail Carson Photography for her photo of Jerry and Tony and for all the photos she takes of the Florida folk musicians.

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