Katy Schirard

St. Augustine’s Katy Schirard is a vibrant, youthful explosion of charisma and musical passion, bringing to life rock and roll and love songs of the past and putting her own take on contemporary pop, rock, and country songs of the present.

Glass Door
"Hurricane" Cover

    A St. Augustine native, Katy Schirard is a perfect fit for audiences looking for a contemporary sound and wholesome vibe with the energy of James Brown. Katy finds her voice in popular tunes of a modern nature, as well as in the classic love songs of past decades. Her percussive guitar style is a ferocious example of her inner energy, which seeps out of her pores, an outpouring of passion. Her vocal sound is similar to that of Odetta and Adele, a hard-hitting cacophony of the soul’s movement.

    Audiences can expect to hear their favorite radio hits from present day, but with Katy’s own personal influence poured into each song. Katy’s on-stage charisma is extremely genuine, her passionate introductions to songs are unrehearsed, and her ability to pull out a tune once forgotten is uncanny. Her styles range from rhythm and blues, blues, pop, pop/rock and rock and roll to country, old-time country, soul, and delta blues. One can hear hints of Patsy Cline as well as Aretha Franklin.

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