Kyra Livingston

An exceptional and vocally driven performer, St. Augustine’s Kyra Livingston blends pop, rock, jazz, soul, blues, and funk into a delectable cascade of musical glory.


    St. Augustine, Florida’s vocalist and guitarist Kyra Livingston holds true to the notion that all music must come from a place of vulnerability, passion, and fiery boldness. Her thrilling fusion of funk, soul, blues, pop, jazz, and rock makes her extremely diverse as well as refreshing as an entertainer. With a deep river of vocal layers, Kyra is both adaptable and precise in her musical endeavors, arming herself with an array of sounds that stretch beyond the norm. Her on-stage performances are naturally engaging and her proficiency when it comes to complicated vocal runs easily make Kyra a heavy-hitter in the music game. Her guitar serves as an enjoyable backdrop to her captivating and sensual voice which is the focal point of her musical career.

    A bellowing sound, Kyra’s deep and lush voice is something she nurtures and celebrates daily. Influenced by the greatest singers of all time, Kyra performs a variety of cover songs that range from Ray Charles to KT Tunstall. It also comes as no surprise that when Kyra is taking a break from the stage she is a private voice instructor, encouraging novice vocalists and educating beginning singers with unwavering professional guidance. Kyra mainly performs solo but has also been known to leave her guitar behind and take to the microphone with a three-piece jazz band behind her. This allows her to take on the primary focus of her music and her first love – singing. Kyra has been a featured performer at The Limelight Theater’s Music in the Box Series and has had write-ups in local publications including The St. Augustine Social and Narrow Magazine.

    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    Auggie's Draft Room

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