Lauren Heintz

Lauren Heintz, winner of the South Florida Folk Festival Song Contest, captivates the audience.

Florida-born Lauren Heintz has won the South Florida Folk Festival Song Contest twice. As a singer, songwriter, and skillful guitarist, she's a triple threat. Though her father was a country music guitarist, Lauren didn't show an interest in the guitar until encouraged by one of her other relatives, who wanted her to play in his country band. However, Lauren's burgeoning music career was put on hold while she spent eight years in the Air Force, followed by college and then fifteen as a software engineer.

In the meantime, she honed her skills on the guitar and wrote songs. Ultimately, the music won and Lauren took her finger-picking style, original songs, and warm alto voice to the stage. Lauren considers herself to be a shy person, but her stage presence is captivating. She has encouraged herself by using this philosophy, "once you step foot on one (the stage), forget everything else and grab the brass ring!"

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