Lee Michael Howard

A musician's musician, Lee Michael Howard plays covers and his own songs.

In a music town like St. Augustine, some of the best musicians are more well-known to other musicians than they are to the public.

Lee Michael Howard is the kind of musician others love to jam with and that audiences enjoy to listen to. He's the musician with the good stories, one or more albums of original material, and the ability to put together a set of covers that make each song sound as if he wrote it.

While he generally sings with a voice that seems to have no hard edges, he can absolutely punch it and let things wail a bit when the song calls for it. His guitar work seems effortless and he clearly enjoys making music — which is why so many enjoy listening to him.

A transplant from the Northeast, Lee Michael Howard holds fast to his loyalty to the Red Sox and the Patriots. He's loyal to his musician friends and other songwriters, as well —from Maine to Florida — and still enjoys learning new songs from younger artists.

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