Lis Williamson

Lis Williamson has spent three decades as a musician playing over 3,000 gigs in her lifetime.

Lis Williamson is a local musician who's been playing her guitar for many years. She has been focused on her musical career for over 35 years and has played at hundred of music festivals. Lis is a guitar player and a lead singer in bluegrass bands, country bands, folk trios, madrigals, and jazz ensembles. She is a regular performer at honkytonks, wine bars, churches and barns, restaurants, and rodeos around the country, and at events such as weddings, funerals, anniversaries, fundraisers, and more. Most of the music Lis Williamson plays are covers of other artists' songs, but after years of honing her craft and playing at different venues she has penned four songs in her CD Deep.  Through this album, Lis shares the tale of her life and connects with listeners through her lyrics and sound.