Luci Lind performing his indie-pop songs on stage

Luci Lind

Comfort zone indie-pop with a hip-hop flair.

Luci Lind, a Jacksonville indie-pop artist, blends the soothing tones of bedroom pop with the visceral energy of rock, hip-hop, and R&B. Embracing imperfection, Lind's DIY style gives his low-fidelity (lo-fi) compositions personality and authenticity.

An escape from the sterile sounds of commercial music, Lind offers listeners relaxed vibes and an eclectic sound. From the vinyl record crackle and jazz-infused melody of "Coffee Shop" to the dusty, mellow guitar tones in "Palm Trees," Lind's songs are warm, mature, and well-worn. Like an antique leather armchair, Luci Lind's music feels comfortably familiar and charmingly vintage.

Profile Keywords

Hip hop Indie Pop R&B Vocals
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