Marianne Lerbs

Flawless, multi-talented, and precision oriented, St. Augustine’s Marianne Lerbs is a premium guitarist and vocalist, blending classical guitar with jazz and world music, and adding a touch of her own originality as well.

If there were any woman who could never be matched in technical capability and musical precision, it would be St. Augustine, Florida's Marianne Lerbs. An intuitive musician, Marianne takes to the stage with a fierce knowledge of the guitar strapped around her waist. Her musical roots grew first in the classical world, where she studied Segovia and Bach endlessly, gaining a reputation for intense rhythm and quick, precise movements of hand. She then ventured into the jazz realm, where she picked up influences from both musicians and vocalists alike. This led her to be inspired by different world music, studying a variety of rhythms and techniques found only in certain regions of the world. She blends the genres of classical, jazz, and world music into a sound of nostalgia that always carries with it a refreshing newness.
Marianne Lerbs is a master of technique. So much so that she is also a woodworker, sculptor, and visual artist. Marianne works with every artistic medium from paint to marble and has an uncanny ability to deliver the best work the eye has ever seen. Her pieces have been featured in countless art magazines, galleries, and some of her work is currently on display at the Jacksonville International Airport. Her work ethic runs deep, and audiences are constantly mesmerized by Marianne's seemingly divine musical accomplishments. Her voice echoes across decades, adapting specifically to each style of song. Her fingers fret the guitar as if it has always a part of her. She is and always will be one-of-a-kind.

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