Michael Jordan

St. Augustine’s musical percussive guitar god and elusive lyrical genius, Michael Jordan.

Where, Oh
MIchael Jordan playing "Angel From Montgomery" by John Prine

    Thriving on one-of-a-kind, self-taught musical techniques, St. Augustine, Florida’s Michael Jordan melds precise percussion with open and irregular tunings to create an auditorily vibrant and aesthetically captivating performance that is sure to shock, inspire, and mesmerize. His original material ranges from the nitty gritty southern rock sound, to delta blues, Americana folk, with some works sounding even hymnal. There is no genre stone that has not been turned by Michael Jordan, as he defies the norm of solo singer-songwriters and even more so, guitarists. 
    Michael’s sound is found through using his instrument as both a drum and guitar simultaneously. Using his right wrist, fingers, fist, and fingertips to create percussion on the body of his guitar, Michael also uses the fretboard percussively and to his advantage. The result is a symphony of sound that is difficult to describe. It goes back to the common saying, “Where words fail, there’s music.” From his instrumental masterpieces to his ingenious takes on classics and contemporary works, Michael can calm the seas only to stir them up again, captivating audiences one by one


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    Stogies Cigar Bar Sarbez! Nobby's

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