Obscure Brothers

A collaboration of two award-winning songwriters, St. Augustine’s The Obscure Brothers fuse folk, swing, bluegrass, jazz, Americana, blues, and old-time traditional to form a storytelling extravaganza.

"Obscure Brothers "Live" @ The Limelight Theatre
Obscure Brothers at the LimelightTheatre

    Filled with sentiment and longing, St. Augustine’s The Obscure Brothers keep a keen sense of their roots about them. Lovers of Florida, music, songwriting, and the environment, the duo strives to perfect the art of storytelling through song, while simultaneously educating audiences of Floridian musical and natural history. Taking old-time traditional and bluegrass and blending it with swing, jazz, folk, and Americana, The Obscure Brothers are time-hopping record keepers that breathe life back into the past. Trained and mentored by the late, great local legend and hometown hero Gamble Rogers, The Obscure Brothers construct a design of inventive ways to share the timeline of moments long gone that changed the music scene and the state of Florida forever. They are the ultimate storytellers.

    The duo is comprised of Bob Patterson and Charley Simmons and is a match made in musical heaven. Bob Patterson has achieved countless accolades in the field of songwriting, from the Will McLean Festival’s “Best Florida Song” to the Fellow Man and Mother Earth Award of the Stetson Kennedy Foundation. He has even earned himself a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Florida Storytelling Association. His musical partner Charley Simmons holds the first-place title in the Gamble Rogers Fingerstyle Guitar Championship as well as the Wyoming State Fingerstyle Guitar Championship, a Utah State Flattop Guitar Style Championship, and winner of the RadioActive KRCL Music Station Songwriting Competition. Both musicians are featured on St. Augustine’s Local Honey, a documentary of the history of the local folk music scene. Together the Obscure Brothers continue to carry the torch of superior Floridian songwriting and storytelling.

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    Colonial Oak Music Park

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