Paul Linser

Listening to Doctor Paul is learning about some of Florida's prominent folk musicians.

"March of Time and Hands of Man" by Paul Linser
"Eye of the Hurricane" by David Wilcox

    Hearing Paul Linser play the guitar is like a throw back to Gamble Rogers himself, with his finger picking style, adding in his own sweet, clear voice to  enhance the experience.


    Known as "Doctor Paul" in the folk music crowds, he has been a singer-songwriter and actively involved in the Gamble Rogers Music Festival for nearly a quarter of a century. The synchopation in Doctor Paul's finger picking brings home his devotion to the folk style, and his lyrics are often connected to other performers of this genre.  Doctor Paul wrote a tribute to local storytelling and folk music legend Bob Patterson, saying of his Tribute to Bob Patterson, "It'd be nice if we all had tribute songs before we are away."  

    One of the videos in this profile is Whats Yours is Mine, by his duo Paradox (or Pair-O-Docs in some circles) with Ed Lowe, which reflects on the history of all that came before us.  Doctor Paul's style will draw the listener in, with his guitar licks and singing, as he tosses out a few Florida stories.

    Doctor Paul is also known for the "Radio-Free Oklawaha County" radio show on WFCF 88.5 FM, which is a weekly locally-produced radio show that will take you back to Gamble's creation of a community right here in Florida, with its zany characters and wistful memories of days gone by.  Starting as a volunteer with the Gamble Rogers Music Festival and Concert Series, Doctor  Paul has been the president of the festival for at least a dozen years, as it has grown and become one of the most popular festivals in the south.  Doctor Paul has also played as a duo as Paradox, and as a trio with Sunset Monday.

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