Guitarist Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Richard Smith's fingerstyle guitar picking has wowed the most iconic guitarists since he was eleven years old.


As a boy, English-born guitarist Richard Smith was inspired by artists like Chet Atkins and Django Reinhardt and pleaded with his father (a music promoter) to teach him their fingerpicking style. Richard's early career saw the occasional solo show, but he also played in a trio with two of his brothers.

Richard moved across the pond to Nashville in 2000 in hopes of spreading his name and expanding his talent. Only a year later in 2001, he earned the title of National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion. Since then, Richard Smith's talents have helped him to travel the world playing and teaching the guitar. He has held concerts all over America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil and of course, his home country of England.

Listening to Richard Smith play guitar is a multi-faceted experience. On one hand, the pure craftsmanship of the fingerstyle guitar — quick licks interspersed with percussion on the body of the guitar — is something to marvel at in and of itself. On the other hand, the audience is tempted to simply close their eyes and let themselves be transported by the music. From "The Streets of Laredo" to "Nashtownville" Richard Smith is a guitar ace whose abilities span the nation (and beyond).

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