Sailor Jane

St. Augustine native Sailor Jane grew up with gospel music and her grandfather's church. She believes that music has the power to move people in spiritual and distinctly human ways.

"Sending All My Love"
"Come Over' Cover

    Sailor Jane is a talented musician, a professional educator, a nurse, and world traveler, but she comes to St. Augustine to perform her beautiful Reggae vocals and whimsical ukulele tunes.

    A St. Augustine native, of Minorcan descent, she was introduced to music from a very young age by her grandfather. Her grandfather owned a few gospel radio stations and was heavily involved in his local church community. This exposure to her grandfather's devotion made Sailor Jane appreciateĀ of the wide range of music there is and how music can influence the spirituality of its listeners. To pursue her career professionally, Sailor Jane moved to Atlanta, Georgia and began working at Tree Sound Studios. For some time, Sailor Jane traveled through Central America resulting in a bigger appreciation for music, language, and the culture of every region. "Music moves through the soul to connect us to the frequency of humanity," says Sailor Jane. She is a captivating performer that takes her listeners on a journey through space and time.

    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    Prohibition Kitchen

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