Sam Shin

Sam Shin’s ever-shifting sound and style is attuned to adapt to any genre, performer, and song.

" Riding the Horse"
Sam Shin

    St. Augustine, Florida’s Sam Shin has quickly gained a reputation for being the sole improvisation-only cello player in the local music scene, a dynamic performer regardless of genre or venue. His chameleon-like style of playing and deep knowledge of music theory allows Sam the freedom to adapt and move into different styles of sound, always with an expression of extreme concentration on his face. His stage presence is quiet yet loud as the bellowing notes that ring from his cello fill the room easily. Sam hosts an array of singer-songwriters on a weekly basis who represent a multitude of genres from blues, alternative country, and rock and roll to jazz, reggae, and ambient folk. In a nutshell, there are very few local performers that Sam has not performed alongside. He seeks to dip his toes into every accessible musical ocean possible. 

    Originally from Olney, Maryland, Sam studied music in college for a short period of time before embarking on his musical career in a strictly “do-it-yourself” manner. Traveling from California to Missouri and finally settling in St. Augustine, Sam has built a sturdy foundation of both musical friends, colleagues, and fans. He often speaks about being deeply inspired by Bela Fleck’s bassist Victor Wooten, who experienced a musical transformation through visions of teachings and theories. Audiences can expect a vision-like experience when encountering Sam Shin’s live performances. Catch Sam every Saturday night at Barley Republic from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight, each night accompanying a different singer-songwriter from the area.



    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    Barley Republic Irish Pub

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Americana Blues Rock Vocals