Sauce Boss

An original act, Sauce Boss feeds the audience with song and gumbo.

Bill Wharton, AKA "Sauce Boss," offers a uniquely original performance. His music gets the audience moving, his act keeps them smiling, and his home-made gumbo feeds them.

As a musician, Bill writes original songs, including the Albert Castiglia hit, "Let the Big Dog Eat," and performs on stage as a one-man band. Bill sits at a drum set, playing a 1933 National Steel Guitar, belting out songs punctuated by a gravelly voice, joyful whoops, and shredding guitar riffs.

As a chef, Bill has created a line of sauces called Liquid Summer and uses them in numerous dishes. During his stage shows, he combines music for the soul and food for the body, when his one-man band shares the stage with a propane tank, cooker, and huge pot of simmering gumbo. (I am not kidding.)

Added tidbits of information:

  • One flavor of Bill's Liquid Summer Sauce, includes St. Augustine's favorite spice, the datil pepper.
  • Jimmy Buffett's song, "I will Play for Gumbo" was written about Bill, The Sauce Boss.
  • Bill wrote the score on the highly acclaimed 2021 rocumentary, Jimmy Carter Rock 'n Roll President — and won the "Best Score" award at the 2020 Los Angeles Film Awards.

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