Savanna Leigh Bassett

Savanna Leigh Bassett started with a G Major chord, and never looked back.

"Greenlight, Go" original
"Sit Still, Look Pretty"
Say You Do"

    Another young  North Florida singer songwriter, Savanna Leigh Bassett brings her feelings into her music, in a “playful, sexy and poppy” manner.  Savanna took a year to immerse herself in the music scene in Nashville, and brought her performing and songwriting skills back to her homeland of Jacksonville. 

    Savannah plays about 25 days a month, sharing her talent with St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Marietta, Georgia and of course, Tennessee. She finds her time on the road to be her testing ground; writing a song and then hearing the reactions of listeners. Savanna loves feedback from her listeners, and enjoys hearing how her music energizes them, saying, “don’t forget to say hi!”

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