Songwriter Shawna Capsi performing onstage with her guitar

Shawna Capsi

A multifaceted poet, singer, songwriter, painter, and performer.

In her songwriting, Shawna Capsi embraces the concept of the ancient Japanese art form of Kintsugi, which is to celebrate brokenness and restoration to fullness. This concept is reflected in the songs that she writes, and the stories that she tells. 

Art of Kintsugi repsesented in repaired teacup

A native of Canada, Capsi tours extensively, sharing her folk sound, bracing vocals, and dazzling fingerstyle guitar picking. The lyrics are often reflective of life's challenges, the struggle to come to terms with them, and the rebirth one experiences while putting it back together, as with a Kintsugi repair on one's yunomi, or personal teacup. 

Captivating audiences with her fingerstyle guitar, Shawna's classically trained vocals lend a sometimes eerie mood to her performances. Capsi employs varied rhythmic patterns in her poetry, as she weaves tales of struggle, victory, and gratitude.

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