Stillfire Bellows

The duo, Stillfire Bellows, writes songs that are influenced by artists such as Snoop Dogg, and performs them with an acoustic flair.

The music video for Stillfire Bellows's "Take Our Love and Run."
Stillfire and Bellows singing their song, "Take Our Love and Run."

    Stillfire Bellows, a Jacksonville band formed in 2091, has two members, Jacob Harrison and Dan Flanagan. Both sing lead and backing vocals, depending on each song. Jacob plays guitar while Dan lays down the beat on cajon and plays harmonica. 

    The cajon, harmonic, and acoustic guitar give them the feel of an Americana duo, but this duo is influenced by R.E. M., the Mountain Goats, and Snoop Dogg, so their sound is indy punk with folk or Americana roots. Add in their of fun and humor, and the result may be serious songs presented in a palatable manner, and fun songs that delight. ("Hot Shower, Cold Beer")

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