This mother and son duo each have their own acts, though they still perform together as there is time.

"Lean Into Love" (Elaine Mahon)
"Spring" (Elaine Mahon)

    Sugarfoot is the endearing name for a mother/son duo, Elaine and Sam Mahon.

    Elaine Mahon, born in Gainesville, literally reached for the stars twice: first, when she earned her Ph.D. in extragalactic astronomy, and later when she left that career to write and perform her music. In fact her most recent and third album, released in 2017, is titled Reach for the Stars. Like her previous albums, the songs in this more recent one focus on life and love, but also offers hope from an astrological perspective.

    Elaine has performed on stage at festivals, private events, and house concerts. She frequently shares the stage with numerous members of Florida's folk music scene, such as Pierce Pettis and the Gatorbone Band. More recently, she has been joined by her son Sam who has sung with her on her album and on stage. Sam's is a musician in his own right, but his current chosen genre is rock, though his band Xenogenesis takes pride in serving up rock in their own unique fashion.

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